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Continuing Education

imageTravel + Education: my life enhancing passions.

Each place I visit, I enjoy experiencing a class or service. Travels include Australia, China, Colombia, France, Ireland, Italy, and many beautiful places in the US (including Hawaii 5 times). Nothing beats the Great State of Michigan! 

Recent continuing education classes include: 


  • Research Recap: the Best Recent Research about Pain, Painkillers, and Massage, Ruth Werner (Ann Arbor, MI)                             
  • Oncology Massage Therapy (Caring for Clients with Cancer), Tracy Walton and Associates (Austin, TX)

2016                                                                                                                               image

  • CranialSacral Therapy 1, Binaifer Bugli, Upledger Institute International (Ann Arbor, MI) 
  • Myofascial Release Technique, Tersa Strayer (Grand Rapids, MI) 
  • The Global Leadership Summit, Willow Creek Association
  • Advanced Certificate, Essential Oil Chemistry & Pharmacology; The actions of aromatic compounds in the body. Robert Tisserand, The International Journal of Professional Holistic Aromatherapy (Boulder, CO)image
  • The Mystery of Pain, Doug Nelson-NMT Midwest Inc. (Dearborn, MI)
  • Precision Neuromuscular Therapy for the Hip, Doug Nelson-NMT Midwest Inc. (Dearborn, MI)
  • Holistic College of Dublin (Dublin, Ireland)


  • Holy Yoga Instructor, 225 Hour Level image