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AquaFit classes-Arthritis Certified

I love teaching aquafit classes. I have seen a person walk into the pool using a chair for assistance to move in the water and then be able to run across the pool without any assistance. I have seen people with hip and or knee replacements, stroke recovery, and other chronic health issues begin to share that water movement is changing their quality of life for the better. Stating an increase of strength and range of motion, along with a decrease in pain. They can do more in the water than on land.

I am certified by the Arthritis Foundation and have recently taken a class designated to assist those with Multiple Sclerosis. I am able to offer private classes at this time.

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I currently *no longer* teach Aqua Fit at 

Flat Rock Community Center (Flat Rock, MI)

Wed @ 10:30 AM & Thurs @ 10:30 AM (Arthritis Class)

Jefferson Rec Center (Newport, MI)

no classes scheduled currently